Fitting a Pepr
Mason's Mitre Trim

Fitting one of our trims couldn't be easier. Just follow these simple steps and your corner kitchen joint will be good to go!

Fitting a masons mitre trim step 1

Level any damaged or raised joint to ensure a flat surface, make sure the joint area is clean and dry.

Fitting a masons mitre trim step 2

Measure the length of the mitre joint, and cut the Pepr Mason’s Mitre trim to length using a hack saw.

Installing a corner worktop trim step 3

Cover the joint thoroughly with a water proof silicon, making sure the whole length (including the curve under the worktop) is adequately covered.

Instal a corner worktop trim step 4

Push the Pepr Mason’s Mitre Trim into place, pressing the whole trim onto the siliconed joint firmly. Make sure that the end of the Mitre Joint, next to the wall, is also sealed with silicon.

fixing a mason mitre cut worktop, step 5

Last but not least, leave to dry. For drying times see the instruction’s on the water proof silicon.


Using one of our trims?

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